How to look after your products

We strongly believe in long lasting design that doesn't cost the planet. All our products are made with organic fabrics and hand stamped.

Looking after your product properly is key to enjoy it for many years, so here you will find how to do so:

Cold Wash: 

It's not only good for the planet ( and your wallet!) but it's also recommended to not wear out the fabric or the stamps.
What about if your product is stained? Don't worry, we strongly recommend you get washing soda/ soda crystals (sodium carbonate) since it's affordable and natural.
Simply leave your product in a bucket with water and a spoon of washing soda soaking overnight and wash it normally the next day. There's no need to use chemical products to get rid of stains! 

What soap shall I use?:

There's no right or wrong answer to this one, we will always encourage you to use natural products that don't harm our sea life or planet like the ecoegg* and our favourite fabric softener or you can make your own by mixing white vinegar and your preferred oil essence.  

Drying your products:

Tumble dryers can shrink fabrics so we love to hang our washing out in the fresh air!


You can iron your products without a problem, just make sure your iron is on a low/medium heat.

Any questions? Get in touch with us and we'll happily help you out!